Soups and Stews

In most scenarios, the word ‘bitchin’ is a good thing – “Hey man, that car is bitchin’” “That trip was bitchin’” “These cookies are bitchin” In this case, it’s quite the opposite. Last year, I shared with you all the dilemma of Dave and I and our somewhat “challenged” kitchen set up.  Welp – it’s […]

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Black Bean and Veggie Soup

by Kate on September 5, 2012

Ok, Labor Day has come and gone – September is in full swing – and I know that techincally it’s still summer, but I think it’s safe to start sharing some “fall-ish” recipes. I’m a brown-bag lunch kind of gal (even though my ‘brown bag’ is actually a plastic grocery bag that hasn’t been used to […]

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Soup’s on!

by Kate on April 3, 2012

The work week is enough of a drag without having a drag of a lunch to accompany it.  But it’s really hard to keep lunches fresh and exciting when they to be shoved in a brown bag (or stylish lunch sack)  Our controller at work is like a lunch enigma – every day, he brings the […]

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