Spring Sangria

by Kate on March 30, 2013

Tomorrow’s Easter Sunday.  How did that happen? I’ve personally always liked the idea of holidays that involve brunch, and that is just what Easter Sunday is – you wake up, find your Easter basket that that 6 foot bunny who pulled a Santa 3 months later and spent all of Saturday night hiding Easter baskets […]

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Easter S’Mores

by Kate on March 26, 2013

Warning: this contains graphic content that may not be suitable for peep lovers.  (They get cooked – sorry)  But then you eat them – and they taste AMAZING. S’Mores made with peeps are alllllll over the place for Easter yummies (although I must say I first spotted them on my girl Sally’s Blogaroo) – but […]

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  Another installment from the Kitchen Bitchin’ Recipe Series up today! My friend Kristine actually emailed this to me weeks ago, and I just got caught up with other recipes. But, I gotta act fast, cuz’ she won’t be bitchin’ about her kitchen much longer, as she just signed off on a brand new condo […]

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Cadbury Mini Egg Cake Dip

by Kate on March 3, 2013

March is a pretty blahhhh month in New England. Mud. Brown grass. Oh and I turn 31.  Meh. But since Easter happens to fall on the 31st this year, March just got a little more awesome.  Not because Easter’s my fave or anything, but because there’s one thing involving Easter that IS my fave. CADBURY […]

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We’re makin’ whoopie…pies!

by Kate on April 11, 2012

Dave and I are alike in a lot of ways, but there is one thing that I will never understand about him – he’s not a sweets person.  He doesn’t need a bite of chocolate or a cookie after finishing dinner – he doesn’t walk past a bakery salivating – when we go out for […]

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Who needs ham when you can have lobster?

by Kate on April 10, 2012

Easter usually means: brunch – eggs – loads of candy shaped like eggs – hot cross buns – and my least favorite meat ever – HAM! Is this why I don’t like easter? Perhaps.  It’s strange – when I was younger, E.T. was like one of my favorite movies, and the scene in it where […]

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