I’ll start this off by saying that you may not see the validity in this kitchen bitchin’ post, because this kitchen has things that others in the series haven’t – like a stove – and a full size refrigerator. But the other ladies weren’t running a bakery out of their tiny kitchens either. My cousin […]

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Oooof – that’s a mouthful.  I tried to consolidate, but I didn’t want you to miss out on the fact that this brownie recipe uses BOTH Cadbury Cream Eggs AND Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Oh and they’re gluten free* – you’re welcome G-F gfs! For St. Patrick’s Day, I made the same version of these with […]

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Peanut Butter Brownie Mini Muffins

by Kate on March 1, 2013

  The last lull in posts was due to poutine and caribou detoxing. This lull in posts has been due to princess, disney and magic detoxing. There’s one weekend a year where anyone can be a princess, and that’s Disney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend.  24,000 Princesses of all shapes and sizes from all walks of […]

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Chocolate Stout Pumpkin Brownies

by Kate on August 11, 2012

  So I’ve provided a perfect fall dinner for you – and now here’s dessert. I know that there are still some decent weeks of summer left, but fall is by far my most favorite season of the year.  The beautiful colors of the leaves, the crisp chill in the air, and the shameless use […]

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Dark Chocolate Goat Cheese Brownies

by Kate on July 30, 2012

  Yesterday marked our one month anniversary with Hairy (aka Hair Maclare, Hair Bear, Bubba, Bubbaloo, Bud, Buddy – he’s definitely having an identity crisis).  And luckily, there wasn’t much on the agenda for this weekend, so we got to spend lots of  time with him after being away last weekend.  Lots of walks – an […]

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‘Take-5’ Brownie Bites

by Kate on July 13, 2012

I gotta say, multi tasking these days is a must.  Tonight, I have like a zillion and a half new recipes I want to try – and there’s the ‘clicker’ method of training we’re trying with Hair, AND there’s a new episode of Restaurant Impossible on – ugh.  Not enough hours in the day sometimes.  Dave had hockey tonight, […]

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It’s Party Time With Brownie Cake Cones!

by Kate on April 28, 2012

Cake pops are all the rage now – taking baked cake, crumbling it up into tiny pieces and then slapping a can of frosting in the mix, rolling into balls and putting it all on a stick – GENIUS! I saw a version of this new fad on pinterest from Play Eat Grow, only these […]

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Goat Cheese and Brownie Rangoons

by Kate on April 24, 2012

Sounds strange I know – but lately I’ve been loving goat cheese – it’s soft and creamy, delicous on crackers, similar to cream cheese but with a little bit of tanginess – all in all a great ingredient! And then I thought of a way to incorporate it with dessert.  My friend Maggie made these […]

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