Salads are pretty standard at our house. Greens – tomatoes – cucumbers – some lame dressing – maybe a hit of some sort of cheese.  LAME SQUARED. I realized this lameness one night and wanted to change it. But what seems to be a problem with creating amazing and non-lame salads is that you have to have all these ‘non-lame’ ingredients conveniently just chilling in your fridge and/or pantry.


Cake Batter 'Ice Cream' Made With Frozen Bananas
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m late to the party on a lot of things. And this magical phenomenon called “pulsing frozen bananas into oblivion until they become JUST like ice cream” is probably one of them.

[I need to make that…]


4-Ingredient Cookie Butter Easter Egg Truffles

April 3, 2015
4 Ingredient Cookie Butter Easter Egg Truffles

The Bunny comes SUNDAY. These Cookie Butter Easter Egg Truffles come TODAY.  From the minute I took my first finger full of cookie butter some years ago, things (especially my hips) have never been the same. I’ve done things like this with it – and this – oh and don’t forget about these.

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White Bean Pesto Burgers with Bruschetta

March 31, 2015
White Bean Pesto Burgers with Bruschetta

Guys, I’ve got one for ya.  This guy right here. And I can say that because I’ve made these at least a dozen times to get them juuuuust right for youusss guys. I’ve often times mentioned my lunch rut dilemma. And I know we all get into them. But lately it’s like “Woah lunch rut, […]

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Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

March 27, 2015
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

One of our (orrrr maybe just my) biggest fears when we moved out to the big bad suburbs was not having a ‘place’ to go. That on any night of the week when you felt like turkey burgers weren’t gonna cut it, you could go to said place and it’d be close by, a place […]

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Cadbury Mini Egg Cake Batter Pancakes

March 25, 2015
Cadbury Cake Batter Pancakes

I got your Easter morning breakfast RIGHT HERE. Fluffy buttermilk pancakes – that taste like cake – and have cadbury mini eggs in them.  Yes I said all those things in one sentence.  

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Secret Ingredient Sticky Buns – No Yeast, No problem!

March 9, 2015
Secret Ingredient Sticky Buns - Easy to Make with No Yeast Required

  Long time no chlog (that’s chat and blog together). I hate crying myself a river with excuses up the wazoo, but my MY what a winter it’s been. You’ve probs all seen Boston/Massachusetts in the news recently, with the most absurd pictures of people doing everything in their power to make the most out […]

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From the DIY Files: Painting Accent Stripes on Your Walls

January 18, 2015
Painting Accent Stripes On Your Walls

The minute we walked through the door of our new house, my mind started to explode with ideas for DIY posts. The possibilites were ENDLESS. And then, we painted our cabinets and pretty much spent all the DIY mojo we had in about a week and a half. 

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Lightened-Up Chicken Carbonara

January 13, 2015
Lightened Up Chicken Carbonara

HAPPY NEW YEAR peeps! (I know – it’s been 2015 for like 3 weeks now, get with the program Kate). Sorry  – the usual excuses – holidays – cookies – too many cookies – at the gym to work off cookies – work busy season – more cookies – and wine….you know the drill.

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Knock-You-Naked Chocolate Caramel Brownies

December 15, 2014
Knock You Naked Chocolate Caramel Brownies

Well folks, Uncle Jimmy’s done it again.

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