Holiday Cocktails

Tomorrow’s 4th of July.  Next thing you know Santa will be coming to town.  Where is the time going lately? Augh…sigh. Anyhow, I saw these beautious layered drinks ( on one of my BBF’s (Best Blogger Friends) Aimee’s blog, Like Mother, Like Daughter ( – sorry my link insert button seems to be on vacation) […]

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Spring Sangria

by Kate on March 30, 2013

Tomorrow’s Easter Sunday.  How did that happen? I’ve personally always liked the idea of holidays that involve brunch, and that is just what Easter Sunday is – you wake up, find your Easter basket that that 6 foot bunny who pulled a Santa 3 months later and spent all of Saturday night hiding Easter baskets […]

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Cranberry Pomegranate Sangria

by Kate on November 19, 2012

Mondays are bad enough, but when you have a food hangover, they’re even worse.  But, the food hangover was well worth it! Thanksgiving dinner, part I went off without a hitch, and we now have enough left overs to feed an army – serioulsy.  So many leftovers. OMG. But I’m anxious to share some recipes […]

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