Pumpkin Pecan Rolls

by Kate on November 19, 2013

Don’t be fooled Boston’ers – even though it was almost 70 degrees yesterday, we’re still only about a month away from Christmas and just about a week from Thanksgiving! Eeeeeeeee! I can smell the Balsam already! Everyone’s got those holiday dishes that are a must every year, whether they’ve been passed down from generation to […]

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Last Friday started out like any other day a week and a half before Christmas at Sandy Hook Elementary School – Christmas pageant preparations – final touches on Christmas wish lists to Santa.  But it soon turned into a nightmare, a day that changed a community and the lives of 26 families forever, when 6 […]

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A Few of My Favorite ‘Holiday’ Things

by Kate on December 15, 2012

*I truly can’t say enough how so very sorry I am to the families of those lost in yesterday’s tragedy – so many thoughts, prayers and condolences to all of you * * * * * Well ladies and gents, we’re about a week and a half away til’ Santa squeezes those rosy buns down […]

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Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough Ball

by Kate on December 14, 2012

When I was young, there were many things that I wasn’t able to do because I was “too young” – and I swore, when I got older, G’damnit I was gonna DO IT! Stupid things like staying up late – eating McDonalds as many times a week as I wanted – and eating as much […]

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Lemon Surprise Cookies

by Kate on December 10, 2012

My Uncle Jimmy is a great and funny guy – a creature of habit if you will. On summer days when I’d be over playing with my cousins Erin and Jen, he’d come home from work every day at noon on the dot, watch t.v. for a bit, and eat his lunch with one of […]

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Snowman Cake Balls

by Kate on December 7, 2012

I’ve mentioned my cousin Erin before in my ‘Easier Than Ina’s Pecan Squares‘ post a while back.  Well, she’s getting a shout out again.  Erin lives in L.A, doing casting for all kinds of fun shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Nanny 911 and even the Biggest Loser (which clearly is a conflict of interest based on […]

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Holiday Chocolate Covered Pretzels

by Kate on December 4, 2012

I’ve mentioned before that my family is pretty serious about desserts – well, they’re even more serious about cookie swaps, or so I learned this weekend. My Grammy Murphy is quite the grandmother – she was the first of anyone to get AOL, email and a ‘screen name’, her recipes for things like whoopie pies […]

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Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Cookies

by Kate on November 30, 2012

So I just got all the Saltine Toffee Brittle out of my system, so onto the next sweet treat! Everyone has that one thing that indicates that the holiday season has begun –  it could be black friday shopping – putting up your twinkle lights – hanging your stockings by the chimney with care or […]

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Saltine Toffee Brittle

by Kate on November 27, 2012

Saltines get a bad wrap – they’re square with little holes in them, hard to swallow if you eat too many at once, kind of an ugly color, and for some reason I always associate them with having a stomach ache (that and flat ginger ale).  For a while I thought all you could do […]

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Back to the office this morning, sporting my stretchiest and most forgiving pants with the taste of turkey still on the brain – I hope everyone had a great, great, great Thanksgiving weekend The last four days were full of: Turkey… Dessert… Some kitchen mishaps… And now Christmas is in full effect at the Schoon […]

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