Kitchen Bitchin’ Recipe Series

Erin's Hollywood Blondies

I’ll start this off by saying that you may not see the validity in this kitchen bitchin’ post, because this kitchen has things that others in the series haven’t – like a stove – and a full size refrigerator. But the other ladies weren’t running a bakery out of their tiny kitchens either. My cousin […]

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Magic Cookie Bars, the Easter Version

  Another installment from the Kitchen Bitchin’ Recipe Series up today! My friend Kristine actually emailed this to me weeks ago, and I just got caught up with other recipes. But, I gotta act fast, cuz’ she won’t be bitchin’ about her kitchen much longer, as she just signed off on a brand new condo […]

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The Kitchen Bitchin Recipe Series: Casey's One-Pot Sausage Soup

In most scenarios, the word ‘bitchin’ is a good thing – “Hey man, that car is bitchin’” “That trip was bitchin’” “These cookies are bitchin” In this case, it’s quite the opposite. Last year, I shared with you all the dilemma of Dave and I and our somewhat “challenged” kitchen set up.  Welp – it’s […]

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Kitchen Impossible

by Kate on May 23, 2012

It’s been a couple months in the food blogging world, and I think it’s going pretty well so far. One Tastespotting spot, a Kreativ Blogger award, photos that have gone from ‘meh’, to ‘less meh’,  and lots of delicious new recipes, with only a few that were too awful to write about (twice baked sweet potatoes […]

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